5 reasons to go on a (ToniqLife) retreat

We hear about retreats all the time but if you do go on one, what benefits can you expect to experience?
Well, here is our top 5 – and we think they’re pretty convincing!

1. Take time to appreciate how hard you work!

We are living in a world where over working is considered the norm. Because of this we don’t fully appreciate the stress we put our minds and bodies under.  
Lack of sleep, poor diet and over working for a prolonged period of time is a recipe for disaster. Stress can weaken your immune system as well effect your mind and emotional wellbeing.
Most likely you are already aware that you are over working if you are considering a health retreat in the first place. 
On the retreat you will learn to appreciate how important down time is as well as learn new tools to help you deal with the everyday stress life throws at you.

2. Meet new people and take the focus back to your surroundings

Going to a retreat you will get the chance to meet some great new people in an environment where you actually have time to connect. Our lives are full of people coming and going because we don’t have time to really invest in relationships. Work gets in the way, kids get in the way and worst of all we let our mobile phones get in the way! We are too busy looking at screens to see what is really happening around us. Taking time out away from every day stresses and distractions allows you to connect with new people and with yourself. 

3. Discover more about your body and mind

We have all heard the saying ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ but that works both ways. If your mind is tired your body will suffer. Over working and not enough rest will take it’s toll so you need to take time out so you don’t burn out. 
Using gentle exercise such as Yoga and Qi gong you will reconnect your body to your mind. Breathing exercises and meditation will help you learn to manage your every day stress. You will learn more about yourself, what your daily stress triggers are and how to deal with them effectively. 

4. Long lasting benefits

A retreat is an education for the body and mind. Whilst away you will be taught a number of skills to help you manage your every day stress when you return home. These simple but effective skills will help you to continue to improve your physical and mental wellbeing for the long run, not just for the week you are away. 

5. Have a “real” break

For a lot of people going away on holiday isn’t much of a break. A packed itinerary, over eating and too much alcohol often means you returned just as tired as when you left, just with a tan!
Give yourself a real break and give the body and mind a chance to recover and repair. 
On a retreat everything is done for you; set menus, workout schedule, treatments and plenty of down time to read a book means that you don’t need to do anything but enjoy the experience.

Invest in your health!

If you are interesting in our upcoming de-stressing and re-energising retreat in Greece, please get in touch.