Bath’s newest fitness class

Starting Wednesday 3rd of May, 6.30am. Royal Victoria Park, Bath.

What is Juice HIIT?
Juice HIIT is a High Intensity Interval Training class that will be delivered to you in 30mins with a morning Juice to finish the session.
That means you will have your workout and a nutrition hit all in just 30 minutes!! Perfect for […]

Greek Retreat – May 2017

Five Day De-stress & Re-energise Retreat
Thursday 4th to Tuesday 9th May 2017, Kefalonia, Greece

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Rise Event

RISE – A half day fitness and nutrition event in Bath
Re-energise, Invigorate, Stimulate, Elevate
Sunday, 6th November 2016

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Greek Retreat

A Five Day De-stress & Re-energise Retreat
Thursday 6th to Tuesday 11th October 2016 held in Kefalonia, Greece

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The Health Hub

Here is a feature from The Health Hub magazine which offers expert advice and top tips on maintaining fitness and a good diet from industry veterans to inspire you on your fitness journey

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New ToniqLife Fitness Studio in Bath

We have opened our brand new ToniqLife Fitness Studio in Bath…

Where we offer a wide range of services for private clients and can tailor a package to meet your specific needs.
Our well equipped private studio is located in the ground floor of the Apthorp Centre in Bath.

We offer 1:1 and private group sessions […]

30 day no refined sugar challenge 2016

Investing in the health of your employees is one of the most productive ways to increase profitability

The importance of employee health and wellbeing is becoming more recognised as the key to the success in today’s corporate world and the link between success and health is now readily recognised as a key factor in increasing […]

Infrared Sauna 2016


Do you run or cycle to the gym, complete a hard core workout and then run or cycle home? Then you are most definitely a fitness addict!

But there’s one thing that we fitness addicts could all use a little more of—and athletes have been doing […]

2015 Detox Kick-Start

Start the New Year with one of our detox or detox and fitness plans designed by ToniqLife’s Nutrition Director, Caroline Chilton-Bates and Fitness Director, Arron Collins-Thomas. Everybody is different and everybody has their own health and fitness goals for 2015. Whether it be weight loss, toning […]

Are you Tom, Dick or Harry?

maybe Jane, Gladys or Silvia perhaps…

If you are thinking about making a change in your life, to actually step outside of your usual pattern i.e. to get healthy, become fit, then you may find some inspiration in this Video Blog here […] Listen out for Harry!