At ToniqLife, whilst we advocate changing your lifestyle to a manageable, healthy balance permanently in order to be your best, people sometimes need a kick start.

Perhaps there’s an event that you want to get in shape for. Either way, this 12 week plan is the best start for a fitter, healthier future.

The ToniqLife 12 week transformation plan achieves results safely and effectively in an optimum amount of time and, importantly, teaches you not only how to change your habits and routine for the better, but how to maintain them once the plan has come to an end.

The first step is a consultation with your personal trainer who will take body measurements and conduct a fitness assessment. We look at your lifestyle and agree with you where key changes need to be made.
Within the same week, you will have a session with our nutritionist who will create a unique nutrition plan for you to follow. You will also have a session with our Chiropractor who will assess any injuries or imbalances and make a plan to start correcting these.

All of this information will give your trainer the detail they need to create a personalised plan for you.

Every two weeks, your measurements will be taken and you will have follow up sessions with our nutritionist and Chiropractor to ensure you are making the right progress.
Your plan may then be adapted where necessary.

So what benefits can you expect to see?

The plan is about more than just weight loss! Body composition will change as a bi-product of the exercises, nutrition and lifestyle changes but it’s about better body functioning over all. 

You should expect to see improvements in:
• Circulation
• Flexibility
• Balance
• Posture
• Fitness
• Mental Health
• Energy Levels
• Sleep Patterns

You might be asking yourself what the plan can deliver that regular training cannot?

In a few words, the 12 week plan will deliver noticeable results in a shorter amount of time – and crucially, results that are sustainable.

The majority of people never see the results they want when they join a gym. This is usually because they don’t spend enough time focused on their goal and if they don’t see any results in 2 or 3 weeks they get disillusioned and give up.

It takes 4-6 weeks on a sustainable plan before you really notice any body shape changes.
Taking your time and not making drastic changes to your lifestyle and diet that are not sustainable means you will get results that last.
After 6 weeks on the ToniqLife plan, the changes will be more and more noticeable and you will be into a great routine and rhythm with your eating and training. We keep you focused and motivated all the way through until the end of the 12 weeks so you get the very most from your plan.

You also get the expert input from our nutritionists and chiropractors to ensure that your body is being assessed uniquely. The plan that is created by the team is purely based on you and this plan will then be yours to use going forward into the future.

The 12 week plan is an investment in your health and fitness and will stop you having the urge to crash diet before a holiday or event.
Crash dieting will only ever deliver short term results which in turn is disappointing and frustrating and also places unneeded stress on the body and mind.

So although it’s still cold outside, Summer is on it’s way! Now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting fitter and getting those long term results you really deserve.

We run two 12 week plans:

12 Week Plan – Plan 1:
2 PT sessions a week = 24 PT sessions
4 Chiropractic sessions
1 Nutritionist assessment session and follow up in week 1
A further session every 4 weeks = 4 nutrition sessions

12 Week Plan – Plan 2:
3 PT sessions a week = 36 1:1 training sessions
4 Chiropractic sessions
1 Nutritionist assessment session and follow up in week 1
A further session every 4 weeks = 4 nutrition sessions

If you are interested in booking the 12 week plan and would like further information on pricing, please contact us either by phone, email or message via our Facebook page.